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ID3 v2.3 Frame Support History

Due to the time-consuming nature of adding support for each ID3 frame supported by v2.3 of the ID3 standard, we've decided to have incremental releases in the 0.x version range, culminating in a fully-supported v1.0 release.

However, this does not mean that v2.3 support is broken. If the framework encounters an unrecognized frame, it is stored in a special catch-all frame class called UnknownFrame.

Added in ID3.NET 0.4 (coming soon)

  • Content group description (TIT1)
  • Copyright message (TCOP)
  • File type (TFLT)
  • Length (TLEN)
  • Lyricist/text writer (TEXT)
  • Software/hardware and settings used for encoding (TSSE)
  • Subtitle (TIT3)

Supported in ID3.NET 0.1

  • Album (TALB)
  • Artists (TPE1)
  • Artist URL (WOAR)
  • Audio File URL (WOAF)
  • Audio Source URL (WOAS)
  • Band (TPE2)
  • Beats per Minute (TBPM)
  • Comment (COMM)
  • Commercial URL (WCOM)
  • Composers (TCOM)
  • Conductor (TPE3)
  • Copyright URL (WCOP)
  • Custom Text (TXXX)
  • Custom URL Link (WXXX)
  • Encoder (TENC)
  • File Owner (TOWN)
  • Genre (TCON)
  • Lyrics (USLT)
  • Payment URL (WPAY)
  • Picture / Album art (APIC)
  • Private (PRIV)
  • Publisher (TPUB)
  • Recording Date (TDAT)
  • Title (TIT2)
  • Track Number (TRCK)
  • Year (TYER)

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