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RecordingDateFrame not read correctly


Since DateTimeFrame use the abstract DateTimeFormat when trying to get a datetime from a string (TextValue setter) but non when write it to the file (TextValue getter) you may write something like 05/09/2012 15.57.34 wich DateTime.TryParseExact cannot convert to a datetime given the DateTimeFormat = ddMM.
The above behavior result in tag.RecordingDate never read correctly and thus result always null
Proposed solution is to use the abstract DateTimeFormat in TextValue getter.
P.S. RecordingDateFrame should override DateTimeFormat with something better than ddMM, for example dd-MM-yyyy
Regards Max


jeevanjj wrote Sep 6, 2012 at 10:34 AM

The ddMM format is part of the ID3 v2.3 spec, and so I can change that. However, that shouldn't matter, since the TextValue property is internal, and you will be using the Value property, which is a DateTime and can be formatted any way you'd like.

I've changed the TextValue getter to format the date/time value using the DateTimeFormat property, and I believe this will solve the issue.

Thanks for reporting this.

Regards Jeevan

P.S. Sorry about not having a new release for some time. I'll find some time this weekend and make a beta release for the next version, so you can test it out.

jeevanjj wrote Sep 6, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Fixed in changeset 69302.

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