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ID3.NET Core

Assembly name: Id3.dll
NuGet URL:

This is the core library of ID3.NET. It contains the bulk of the code for reading, editing and writing ID3 tags.

ID3.NET Core is a portable class library and supports the .NET Framework 4 and higher, Silverlight 4 and higher, Windows Phone 7.5 and .NET for Metro style apps.
However, being a portable library, it lacks certain platform-specific features like file handling, image handling, formatter serialization, etc. These are provided by platform-specific extension libraries (mentioned below).

Note: The source code also contains a non-portable class library project for the ID3.NET Core. This is only useful for compiling the project in Visual Studio 2010 and does not provide any additional functionality.

ID3.NET File Extensions

Assembly name: Id3.Files.dll
NuGet URL:

The Id3.Files assembly is a full .NET Framework library that extends the ID3 core with the ability to directly handle files.
It provides the following:
  • A Mp3File class that derives from the core's Mp3Stream and provides additional constructors to specify file names and FileInfo objects, in addition to the Stream support in Mp3Stream.
  • Extensions to the PictureFrame class to load and save images by specifying their file names. This also automates the assignment of the PictureFrame's MimeType property, since this can be figured out from the file extension.
  • A FileNamer utility class that can batch rename MP3 files based on their tag data.
  • (Coming soon) A FileNameInfoProvider information provider class that can tag an MP3 file based in the pattern of it's file name.

ID3.NET Windows Forms Extensions

Assembly name: Id3.WinForms.dll
NuGet URL:

The Windows Forms Extensions library provides support for Windows Forms-related classes, specifically extension methods for handling ID3 tag images using the WinForms image classes.

ID3.NET Serialization Extensions

Assembly name: Id3.Serialization.dll
NuGet URL:

Classes in the ID3.NET Core cannot be serialized using formatters because portable class libraries do not have support for the SerializableAttribute class.
The serialization extensions provides serialization surrogates for all the frame classes and the Id3Tag class, allowing these classes to be serialized.

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